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We’re back!
After a busy past year that was also plagued with injuries, we are happy to release our latest video. Bryan has been quietly climbing the ranks of mountain bike enduro races around British Columbia for the past few years. In only his third season, he is a relative newcomer to the racing scene. Bryan has honed his skills over many years riding his local trails, as featured in our latest video.

Bryan’s Self Edit

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One of my biggest goals for the summer was to get in as much riding as possible on my local trails before moving out to UBC in the fall. For the past six years, I have been living in
the village of Anmore, just outside of Port Moody. Anmore provided me with an abundance of forested areas to explore, but through my exploring I quickly discovered that nobody had really tapped into the area’s full potential. In my first summer here, I quickly set my
sights on developing the riding around my home. I decided to start this quest in my own backyard. At the time I was fascinated by the skinnies and ladder bridges of North Vancouver, so with some leftover lumber from the construction of our deck I crafted some of the most awkward and sketchiest bike stunts ever known to man. After having multiple stunts collapse underneath me, I began to refine my technique. By the time I was able to build structures that were actually safe, I found I had outgrown the little corner of forest in my backyard.

Luckily for me the next zone was only a couple hundred feet down the road. An p4pb8941427undeveloped strip of forest zoned for housing provided me with more room to progress my vision as both a builder and a rider. In these woods I learned how to use dirt to shape takeoffs and landings, but the short elevation drop made getting any speed for these jumps a challenge. This forced me to work on fundamental skills like cornering and pumping, and as I got better and better I found I was able to build bigger jumps and open new lines that I had previously never considered. Eventually riding the same fifteen second runs over and over got boring, so I recruited my friends to help me build something that would really progress my riding.

We decided to build in an almost completely untouched area of forest within a short five minute ride of my house. Our goal was to build a short, fast and flowy trail and start a Stepdown-LS.jpgprivate zone for ourselves. However, when we realized that there was potential to build something bigger, we quickly became preoccupied with the construction of a single jump. With only handsaws and shovels available to us, it took nearly a year to complete. However, the final product was something we could be proud of; a legacy we could leave behind to our local riding community.

In this video I chose to showcase these zones, as well as a few other local spots. The terrain around me has served as an inspiration for as long as i have been riding. The days I spent riding around my local woods have ultimately shaped me into the rider I am today. It saddens me that for the next eight months I won’t be around to enjoy or maintain them, but I look forward to mastering new zones, and hope to return back to my local spots with a fresh perspective.

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