Crankworx 2013

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This year’s Crankworx was memorable for sure. We arrived on the day of the dual slalom but unfortunately did not catch too much of that event as we were pressed for time to make the screening of the movie ARRIVAL. While the rain was coming down heavily it did not dampen the excitement among those who came to the screening.

However, what we really came to Crankworx for was to see Joyride, the biggest event of the week. This year’s competition was intense to say the least. With a roster of some of the most talented riders in the world, every single competitor was pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a bike. With thousands packed in areas surrounding the course the energy was running high and everyone was looking forward to the start of the competition. However, this festive mood was dampened by a major crash on the first run. Brayden Barrett-Hay went down hard on the first drop of the course after overshooting a tailwhip. Semenuk CWXNeedless to say we are all worried about his condition and wish him all the best. The rest of the competition was filled with action packed runs, the most memorable of which was Brandon Semenuk’s. During his first run he crashed out on the last stunt of the course but he did not hold back on his second and final attempt which yielded a score of 96.4, the highest score ever recorded at Joyride. With Martin Soderstrom as the last rider to go, he was pushing incredibly hard for first, throwing down massive tricks including a triple whip. However, Martin went down hard on the final jump after attempting a 360 double tail whip and ended up breaking his tibia and fibula. We wish Martin all the best in his recovery.

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed everything at Crankworx this year. From the expo, to the actual events, and to the massive amounts of free stuff we got, everything pulled together to make this year’s festival memorable. We are already looking ahead to Crankworx 2014!


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