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Foxwood Films is a group of mountain bikers, filmmakers and trail builders from Port Moody and Anmore B.C. As members of the sport, we strive to show our perspective in a unique way.

Jonathan Kang

Little Bear JonathanAlthough he began making videos at a young age, Jonathan started producing videos under the name, Foxwood Films, in the fall of 2011. He has been making quality films for four years and has been successful in film festivals internationally. His work has won awards at festivals across Canada and the U.S.A., and has been shown internationally in film festivals, and on world tours. Initially, mountain biking attracted him to the film industry, with inspiration drawn from The Collective films, Life Cycles, and of course, the elation from riding on two wheels.



Trevor Clelland

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 7.47.33 PMAs with the other members of Foxwood Films, mountain biking has been a significant part of Trevor’s youth. Working alongside Jonathan, the two have collaborated on numerous projects. Trevor helps move equipment, plan and setup shots and offers a fresh perspective on footage to ensure projects are heading in the right direction. If Trevor is not behind the camera, he is on the screen riding. In the future, he hopes to continue working with Foxwood Films both on screen and off.



Nathan Moo

Nathan Bio TNAlways having an interest in manufacturing and design, Nathan brings his technical skills and knowledge into the world of film. He has designed and built all of the camera rigs used in Foxwood Films’ videos including the slider, camera crane, cable cam, and steadicam. Nathan strives to create quality rigs that help introduce new cinematographic techniques.



Bryan Gregory

Bryan Bio TNBryan began mountain biking at the age of eleven. Over this time he has explored a wide variety of riding styles. Ranging from trials and cross country to dirt jumping and downhill, his experience has helped him develop a unique fast, flowy, and precise style of riding. Although he is usually found in front of the camera, Bryan works with the rest of the group to come up with ideas for future films and build upon Foxwood Films’ vision. Bryan is sponsored by Kinetik Cycles.




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Foxwood Films is proudly supported by West Point Cycles.

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